The summer months tend to be very hot and dry in South California. Heat accumulates and is absorbed by the earth and our oceans. Our bodies also absorb and accumulate heat.

Physically we can experience heartburn, skin eruptions, sleep disturbance.Mentally we can feel irritated, frustrated or competitive at the extreme.

As we know it we don’t necessarily realize that we can stay cool and peaceful with simple adjustments to the season.

  1. Check you diet

Stay hydrated; drink plenty of water with a slice of lime or cucumber, or drink coconut water.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol as they are heating and dehydrating.

Eat raw and light; Enjoy all seasonal fruits and vegetables like, cucumber, zucchini, broccoli, kale, lettuce, celery, avocado, peach, strawberry, mangoes, watermelons, herbs like cilantro or mint, and beans. They will keep your system cool.

Avoid hot spices, spicy food, fried food and red meat.

  1. Adjust your exercises practice

If you like to run, preferably do it early in the morning of late in the afternoon.

Avoid lunchtime for any strong physical exercise, even if this is in an air-conditioned room. The thermal shock, as you leave the room will be intense on your body.

Practice cooling yoga pose like, happy baby pose, Forward fold, twists and seated postures.

Practice Sithali, a breathing exercise that cools the body and mind. Below is how:

  • Sit in a comfortable crossed legs position
  • Roll the side of the tongue up to form a “tube”
  • Inhale slowly through the “tube”, count to 4
  • Close you mouth and exhale slowly through both nostrils, count to 6
  • Repeat 5 to 10 times


  1. Have Fun

Days are longer; enjoy all that the season has to offer: swimming, evening strolls, been in the nature but stay mindful of what is creating too much heat. Maybe enjoying a day at the beach means taking an umbrella, or taking a long cool bath will undo the heat of a workday.

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