Directory Listing Form Instructions:

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Name: enter your business name in the “Organization” field.

Category: Hover your cursor on the “Select Category” dropdown. Select the services you provide from the list.

Addresses: When adding an address, be sure to select the appropriate Address Type. Don’t use the Latitude or Longitude boxes, they will be completed automatically based on your address.

Email Addresses, Phone Numbers: Also require you to select the appropriate Type.

Logo and Image: Logo is for uploading your logo, or a photo, if you don’t have a logo. Image is for uploading a photo of yourself that will appear in the Biographical Info panel. Ideally, don’t use the same photo for both of these.

Biographical Info: This panel is where you enter text about you and your business. It will also feature your photo(see Image above).

Notes: This is an additional panel that will accept text, and also you can upload additional photos here to display on your profile.

IMPORTANT: Try to select your photos to upload ahead of time so you can upload them when you fill out this form. To add photos or media later, you will need to email them to the website administrator and they will upload them for you.

Remember, try and complete the form as thoroughly as you can. The information you provide on this form is what will appear on your Fallbrook Wellness Directory Listing.

screenshot of Directory Listing Form in dashboard

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