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Contact: Kat Folger
Work 140 East College Fallbrook CA 92028 Work Phone: 760.728.1026 Cell Phone: 760-505-5325 Website: Kat Folger Fit

About Us


Kat Folger holds multiple certifications in Pilates, Yoga, and pain relieving movement modalities.

Kat Folger is thrilled to be teaching the MELT Method to her clients and students. Kat began her training with Sue Hitzmann, the creator of MELT, in 2009. She experienced a profound positive change from that first session. Kat has now completed the New Science of the Human Body (3X), the Full Instructor training and certification, MELT on Pilates training and certification and MELT STRENGTH training and certificationKat is a Certified Pilates & Yoga professional and a Corrective Exercise & Pilates Rehab Specialist.  LBDC is the full pilates/rehab certification w/multiple mat certifications that Kat holds, along w/over 20 years of practice.  20+ yrs of Yoga Teacher Training w/certification thru YogaFit, including seniors and yoga therapy and myofascial release therapy.  Kat has teacher trained in different styles of yoga, including Anusara, Svaroopa,  as well as Chakra Balancing.   Kat is a life-long student attending several conventions and workshops yearly.  There is always new information and techniques to bring to her clients and students. No matter the modality of training, she sees positive improvement and lasting change in everyone who MELTS consistently. Kat is a multiple world-record holding skydiver who enjoys remaining earthbound to jog and hike.  Kat is currently challenging herself by learning to surf and do acro yoga.

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140 East College Fallbrook CA 92028

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Categories: corrective exercise, fitness, meditation, MELT, mind & body, pain relief, pilates, pilates rehab, yoga

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