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Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes

Contact: Cory Carrier
Cell Phone: 760-207-6511 Work Phone: 760-741-6511 Website: Cory's SEOM

About Us

Photo of Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes


Cory’s SEOMs are special mixes of Essential Oils that I have created to help myself and others with pain and other health situations. These mixes have been tested on myself and other close friends so I can watch first hand how they work and monitor if there are any side effects. As with all Essential Oils, care must be taken as some essential oils can cause a rash if one is allergic to any of the oils.

Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes are designed for those who want the therapeutic treatment that essential oils can do for them, without having to do the research or testing to find out which essential oils will work for their condition. Another advantage is that many essential oils can cost $30 and up for an individual oil. Some of the oils in our mixes cost $150 to $200 for 1/2 oz. I purchase the essential oils and create the mixes so you can save from having to make a large investment into oils that may or may not work for your situation.

More Info

What makes Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes so Special?

I believe that by combining more than two or three individual essential oils together is what makes these mixes so powerful and special. Each Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes usually have between 10 and 15 different essential oils in any given mix, which by combining a large number of essential oils together helps to create a more potent mix. I do the research on each oil used in a specific mix to see how it reacts with the other oils in that mix. I also research the order in which the essential oil should be added to the mix. I believe that this enhances the therapeutic qualities of the oil mix, giving it the “wow factor” in treating the problem.

Another reason Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes have so many essential oils in them are so they will treat as many people as possible. Each person is different and while most of the oils in a certain mix could be what one person needs, some of the oils may not be needed for that person. However, another person may need those essential oils for their body and yet not need some of the essential oils that the first person needed. The companies who sell individual essential oils will tell you that you have to test yourself and see which oils your body needs for a certain condition. This is great, if you have the time and desire to figure it out. Cory’s Special Essential Oil Mixes are created for those people who don’t have the time, or the desire, to “figure out” what essential oils their body needs for a certain condition.

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Categories: aromatherapy, aromatherapy pets, essential oils, essential oils pets

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