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Dabbas Wellness

Contact: Ashley Dabbas
Work 131 W Beech St Suite 101 Fallbrook CA 92028-9232 US Work Phone: (760) 689-2102 Website: Dabbas Wellness

About Us

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I have practiced massage therapy since 2005 and specialize in therapeutic massage and trigger point therapy. I am licensed and certified with the state of California, and graduated with an Associates Degree in occupational science as a holistic healthcare practitioner. Immediately after graduation, I worked with a chiropractor for over ten years before transitioning to a spa like atmosphere where I stayed for four years. I then created my own business to pursue my passion helping others find their path to wellness and achieve their optimal health. I will continue developing my education and experience toward a PHD in physical therapy so that I can incorporate all of my techniques to help people.

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131 W Beech St Suite 101 Fallbrook CA 92028-9232 US

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Categories: body treatments, chiropractic care, massage therapy, massage therapy pets, pain relief, physical therapy, senior services, therapeutic, womens health

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