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Chef Ming Adler

Chef Ming
Work Phone: (415) 260-7912

About Us

Photo of Chef Ming Adler

Available for parties, retreats and special events, Chef Ming is known for her use of spices and the versatility of creating delicious healthy food.  Below is her bio listing her extensive background.  

Tesitmonial from Sandra Buckingham of Flourish Yoga  “Chef Ming is able to create exactly the right foods for my retreat events that not only taste wonderful they are presented beautifully – her knowledge and use of spices is amazing”!

Ming Rachael Adler: Curriculum Vitae Bio

In 1984 Ming moved to Paris, to work as Au-pair for one year for a French family, discovering a whole new world of French Gastronomy and travels. She was taught French cooking by her host mother and at the same time, she attended the “Alliance Francaise” to study French and French culture.

After, her year in Paris, Ming moved to N.Y. where she went back to working in several top N.Y.C. restaurants while pursuing a modeling career.  Ming moved back to San Francisco to attend the Marin County Culinary Program in 1987 under Chef Gerard Collate and got her certification in basic culinary training to become a Chef. During school Ming started working her way up into some influential chef positions in several restaurants in San Francisco.

Then in 1990, Ming made a transition from cooking to pastry. This is where she met and trained under Chef, Allesandro Cornacchia, who was a three generation Master Pastry Chef from Laveno, Italy. Everyone called him Sandro who was well loved by his students and a great teacher.  In fact, during Ming’s first visit to Fallbrook, she met Fabio at his gelato shop and coincidently, he was the one who brought Sandro to the United States back in the 1980’s.

In 1997, she attended the French Pastry School, S.F. Division under two of the top M.O.F. French Pastry Chefs, Jacquy Pfeiffer and Sebastian Cannone,

From 1999 to 2003 she worked for two different French importers, Paris Gourmet (N.Y.) & Village Imports (S.F.) as the Brand Manager for both companies, splitting her time between the West & East coast (represented many pastry companies from France, Italy & Germany) working as Pastry Technician for all the pastry products. Ming also promoted & organized the French Pastry School work shops when they came to San Francisco.  During this time she was a member of the US PASTRY ALLIANCE, organizing monthly pastry chef meetings, field trips to chocolate manufacturers and pastry shops.  She also recruited Pastry Chefs for the U.S. PASTRY COMPETITION and the N.D.C. NATIONAL DESSERT COMPETITION.

In 2003 Ming was in the Culinary Salons of Excellence competition for the PROFESSIONAL CHEF’S ASSOCIATION in S.F. and won a Bronze medal. She was also a member of the C.A.N.C. CHEF’S ASSOCIATION of the Pacific Coast in San Francisco.

Years later, Chef Sandro moved back to Italy where Ming continued to study with him training in gelato & pastry every summer in his home town in Laveno, Italy.  In 2004 Ming spent two and half months in Italy for a stage working in a Gelateria to learn making gelato in the artesian way. During that time, Ming also had the opportunity to go to Beirut, Lebanon to be Chef Sandro’s assistant in a gelato consulting job, teaching a high-end coffee chain, “La Maison du Café” to make gelato for their cafes. That was her last summer with Sandro end of his life in his final resting place his home town in Italy. Ming was his very last student. She went on to pursue her career gelato making in Italy, training in Bologna at the Fabbri Training Center and later became Gelato instructor teaching gelato seminars in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In 2005 Ming was one of the finalists in an international pastry Competition, the TARGA AMARENA FABBRI “SIGEP” Gelato Confectionary Exhibition Show in Rimini, Italy.  She won a gold trophy for the U.S.  Immediately after she was hired by FABBRI as a Pastry Chef Technical Consultant and Gelatiao training, recipe & menu development and educating end users how to produce desserts & gelato for many types of businesses throughout the West coast and Oahu, Hi. This company is internationally acclaimed around the world.

For three years, Ming worked independently as a Chef Consultant, designing menus and developing recipes for new and established restaurants & bakeries in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also worked as a personal chef, customizing menus for her clients ranging from home parties to family meals. 

In 2012, Ming found her way to Whole Foods Market working in 3 different stores, as a catering Manager. La Jolla W.F.M. was her stepping stone to San Diego. In that time, she developed her foods skills developing recipes, spanning, from vegan, gluten free & dairy free. Working in prepared foods gave her the opportunity to add her creativity to natural foods and making the most satisfying meals for her customer base.

After her departure from W.F.M. she ventured into working at the SPICEWAY, a boutique store specializing in spices and teas. Ming taught monthly classes, developing recipes with healing savory spices that enhanced every dish with the most unique flavors. Now, she has taken all of experiences and is now the Executive Chef at Carlsbad Ranch Market. At this time, mainly focus on her new “Global Cuisine”  

For all the years Ming has been in this industry, she has had the greatest opportunities working with some of the top Chefs & Pastry Chefs internationally, who have given her so much knowledge and inspiration. She happily shares what she has learned throughout the years with people who have the same passion in the culinary and pastry world.









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Categories: catering, diet, home delivered meals, nutrition, organic produce, vegan/vegetarian catering

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