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Fallbrook Pet Parlor

Contact: Saige Hoey
Work 233 E. Mission Rd. Suite A Fallbrook CA 92028 Work Phone: 760-645-3730 Website: Fallbrook Pet Parlor

About Us

Photo of Fallbrook Pet Parlor

Fallbrook Pet Parlor is a contemporary and holistic pet salon, spa and parlor that provides full service dog, cat and pet grooming with signature treatments to help maintain your pet’s overall health and wellness. We offer premium, organic, all-natural, and eco-friendly bathing products, heat-free drying, and spa treatments for a true beauty parlor pampering experience. Our highest priority is the health and well being of your beloved pet- everything we do is designed with your pet’s health, safety and comfort in mind. We use ONLY premium organic essential oils and plant based ingredients in ALL of our products! 
From paw-de-cures, pet make-overs, spa treatments, dye jobs and mohawks to our unique collection of pet clothing and boutique finds our all-natural and holistic pet parlor is THE place to take your furry babies in Fallbrook!

More Info

Signature Spa Treatments
Good health starts with a holistic approach…that’s why we designed these signature spa packages to target specific issues and give your pet the ultimate day of pampering! We only use the best organic, plant-derived, eco-friendly products to enhance your pet’s groom for happy pets with healthy skin and shinning coats. Try our Fallbrook signature “Hass Avocado Spa Package” 

Chic Boutique
Shop our handpicked collection of pet items. Holistic and all-natural pet spa products for home use, eco-friendly toys, chic pet clothing, and “oh so cozy” bedding. Delicious natural and organic treats and cookies. Unique pet essentials and must have pet products as well as gifts for pet lovers!

Pet Boarding: We also offer safe, comfortable pet boarding so you can feel confident your fur-babies are happy and healthy while your away too!

Our “Absolutely Fabulous” Promise
We only want FABULOUS paws walking out our door every day! You won’t hurt our feelings if you want something shorter, spikier, prettier or more polished! You and your fur-baby are our #1 priority!!! If you don’t think your pets’ fur cut is ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, please let us know before you walk out the door and we will fix it instantly!!


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233 E. Mission Rd. Suite A Fallbrook CA 92028

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Categories: aromatherapy pets, boarding, essential oils pets, grooming, healing touch pets, holistic pet care, homeopathy pets, massage therapy pets, nutrition/food therapy pets, spa services

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