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Sharla R Harvey

SoulCollage® Facilitator Title
Cell Phone: 858-705-7741

About Us

Photo of Sharla R Harvey

Sharla is a retired speech-language pathologist and mixed media artist and teacher who loves sharing knowledge and helping others enrich their lives. As a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator, Sharla now assists others in their own self-discovery, combining and channeling her creative energies and desire to help others create a fulfilling life.

SoulCollage® is a process and practice that can be described as “soul tending.” It is a creative, free-flowing, spontaneous method of taking an inner journey and becoming better acquainted with yourself. It is not religious and/or spiritual in and of itself, unless you bring those elements to the process. It is not predictive of the future or considered “therapy,” although it can be very therapeutic. SoulCollage® offers insight into the many aspects of yourself and how they play out in your feelings, thoughts, relationships, choices, talents and interests. It is all-inclusive and has been of great value to many people in many walks of life around the world. SoulCollage® helps you discover how multi-faceted we all are and that we are all in community.

The process is simple and available to everyone…Everyone is an artist. We gather images and put them together in collage format to make our own unique cards that are based on meaning, not beauty. No artistic talent is required! We explore these creations in an “advice-free zone” that is protected as sacred space to discover who we are as individuals and in connection with one another, which can happen in wonderful and surprising ways. Join us in this delightful way to use your own wisdom to guide you along your most enlightened path.



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Categories: art therapy, conscious living, inspirational, SoulCollage®

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