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The Encouragement Factor

Contact: Phyllis Sweeney
Work 120 South Main Avenue Fallbrook CA 92028 Work Phone: (760) 468-9172 Website: The Encouragement Factor

About Us

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* 609 East Elder Street, Fallbrook, CA 92028.  Call 760-728-8504 for more details

Phyllis J. Sweeney, Chief Encourager is founder and President of Encouragement Factor, an organization that offers counsel to those in crisis, grief, trauma and transition.

Encouragement Factor was legally founded in 1998. The Encouragement Factor unfolds with Encouragement, Endurance, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Entertainment.

Phyllis has a tremendous ability to reach out to people from all walks of life. She encourages people who feel intimidated by professionals and/or family members to ask the appropriate questions.

Many people who do not know how to relate to people’s grief makes it difficult for someone who is in crisis, grief, trauma or transition to express their feelings.

Phyllis has been there for the “Brokenness of the Homeless.” She has given them hope, along with gentle instructions on how to cope with daily minute to minute Life and Health threatening challenges that enter all aspects of their lives.

Phyllis has this amazing copeability of blancing challenging circumstances that occur in her life, while still maintaining a foundation of strength with a calmness of confidence and competence which helps others to be able to rest in that assurance. This is most beneficial to those in need of help, understanding and encouragement. That understanding and encouragement is always there no matter what the age or gender.

Phyllis states, “Life has been, is, and always will continue to be an optimistic journey. The reason why: knowing and loving thyself from within is my expertise. I live with my colorful drapes of Encouragement, self respect, trust and truth.”

Beneficial Encouragement has no boundaries.

More Info

Phyllis is an “American Treasure.” She is a Lifetime Encouragement Specialist. She has been called “Dr. Encouragement.” Her personal life experiences award her a degree surpassing any degree because of the authenticity with which she lives her life.

Phyllis was raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. Her family consisted of beloved Mom, Dad, Brothers Jim and Don, dog Tippy, horse Champion, cats Tuffy and Tiger and lambs Pam and Penny. The value of “trying” versus “can’t” as long as it didn’t hurt her or others was taught by her mother. This began Encouragement Factor, a natural fit for her. Being the family, neighborhood and school “Encouragement Cheerleader” as a child, teenager and throughout life had and is a magnificent blessing for her.

Having four terrific (not perfect) children — two boys and two girls — is another blessing. On October 6, 1975 crisis, trauma and tragedy occurred. Phyllis’ daughter Courtney Brook, then six months old, died a completely unexpected death. This crisis turned Phyllis’ life upside down and inside out.

Encouragement Factor was, is and will continue to be one of Phyllis’ natural born strengths as God is her solid rock, foundation and source

Each person is created with a unique personality. Personalities are a vital aspect of each person. With the discovery and value of who you are and living a strengthful responsive life one is Encouraged to live and be alive rather than only exist and survive.

Phyllis is a certified Grief Counselor, Senior Advisor and Personality Coach. She is also an Advanced Group Facilitator, Consultant, Speaker and Writer.

Phyllis’ Professional Affliations include:

  • Carondolet Management Institute/American Academy of Bereavement
  • Certified Senior Advisor
  • National Speaker Association, San Diego, CA
  • Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador Chairperson
  • Fallbrook Fire Safety Council
  • National Association of Female Executives
  • Fallbrook Citizens Crime Prevention/Neighborhood Rehab Advisory Team
  • Former Co-Trainer, Good Grief Crisis Intervention Team, Department of Education, Riverside, CA

Phyllis has been and is a Professional Volunteer. Her past affiliations include:

  • PTA President, Fallbrook La Paloma, Fallbrook Maie Ellis, Fallbrook Potter Jr. High School
  • President for two church women’s groups
  • Fallbrook Youth Baseball
  • Fallbrook Soccer League Board Member and Coach
  • Fallbrook Boy’s and Girl’s Club, Girl’s Basketball Coach
  • Fallbrook Pop Warner, Cheer Coach
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120 South Main Avenue Fallbrook CA 92028

Categories: care giver support, counseling, grief trauma, inspirational, life coaching, pet loss, psychotherapy, senior services, stress management, support groups

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