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Transcendent Touch Healing Massage

Contact: Craig Lozzi
Work 407 Potter Street Suite D Fallbrook CA 92028 United States Cell Phone: 760-533-3505 Website: Transcendent Touch

About Us

Photo of Transcendent Touch Healing Massage

With over 35 years in the holistic health field, I offer therapeutic bodywork for chronic pain, injury rehabilitation and relaxation. My experience lends insight into strategies to enhance health through many other avenues. Sessions often encompass counseling, whether for specific health issues or for difficult mental and emotional  challenges. I am intuitive and compassionate and have  a reputation for dealing with long-standing issues.

Having done bodywork for decades and having also owned businesses with several therapists as employees, I began Transcendent Touch Healing Massage as a solo practice. I love working with people and, by having a simple business model, I offer a high level of care without the distractions of a larger facility and employees.  I love my work and the opportunity to be of service.  I also network with a number of other local health professionals to be sure to offer the most appropriate and effective care, whether or not it ultimately includes my services.

I am passionate about health, beginning with my own.  If I recommend something to a client, it is because I have experienced it myself or know others who have had success with it.  I love to cook, learn, listen and enjoy nature. I am the father of 2 girls: ages 7 and 29!  I also enjoy teaching, particularly topics such as meditation and prayer. I absolutely love poetry and have been honored to conduct recitals, especially with live musical accompaniment. I am grateful for the gift of this life!

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407 Potter Street Suite D Fallbrook CA 92028 United States

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Categories: acupressure, aromatherapy, chakra balancing, cleansing, counseling, energy healing, essential oils, inspirational, life coaching, massage therapy, meditation, nutrition/food therapy, therapeutic

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